A few lucky events during the accident let this amazing escape happen, rather than turning it into a tragic scene.

A driver in Austin, Texas, recently made an amazing escape after his Toyota 4Runner plunged off the ninth story of a parking garage. The incident left the SUV dangling precariously off the side of the structure. However, the vehicle’s position allowed the person to climb out the sunroof to safety. The Austin Fire Department then used Facebook throughout the day to show the laborious process of getting the 4Runner back to the ground.

According to CNN, the driver told firefighters that his SUV wouldn’t stop as he pulled into a parking space. When the Toyota went over the edge, one of the retaining cables wrapped around the front end and flipped the roof against the side of the garage. This left the Toyota hanging by a thread but put the vehicle’s sunroof in the perfect position for the driver to climb out.

A bystander was in the perfect place at just the right time to record the unnamed driver’s escape. Watch the video above closely, and you can see him climbing out the roof with the help from someone at the scene.

According to CNN, the driver was shocked after his brush was death, but he didn’t suffer any serious physical harm. The video showed the Toyota’s roof partially caved in from where the SUV hit the side of the parking garage.

Jim Richardson from the Austin Fire Department was at the scene and took some amazing photos of the hanging Toyota. The SUV looked ready to drop at any moment. Firefighters spent hours at the scene slowly lowering the vehicle to the ground, and a wrecker service hauled it away.

This incident could have been a tragedy if things had gone just a little bit differently. For example, if the sunroof hadn’t pointed towards the parking garage, the firefighters would have had a difficult rescue on their hands. Things would have been even worse if the wire hadn’t wrapped around the front.



Source: CNN, Austin Fire Department

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