The relative success of Tesla is bringing with it a new wave of electric vehicles. Faraday Future, for example, is poising itself as a proposed "Tesla fighter" with an electric vehicle all its own. One designer has a different vision for the future of the electric market entirely - and it involves a sportier proposition.

Yevheniy Bratchyk, a freelance industrial designer out of the Ukraine, created his vision for a sporty, electric vehicle of the future. He calls the brand "THX," a proposed rival to the current crop of electric vehicle manufacturers. But unlike the manufacturers of today, he says “it is created by people that are crazy about science-fiction movies.”

That science-fiction influence is immediately apparent in this spaceship-looking two-door coupe. It’s the first vehicle for that proposed lineup, and is aimed directly at the young professional, specifically for “young customers aged between 18 and 30.” Once you open the very supercar-esque doors, inside it has room for just two. Though we don't know what that proposed interior looks like just yet, don't doubt it's anything less than advanced.

THX Sports Car Concept

The design itself is purposefully unique. It utilizes a sleek front end that morphs into a streamlined shape, with two bulging headlight fixtures and green accenting lights. The lack of a windshield or windows suggest that the car would use autonomous technology, but the race-inspired graphics and aerodynamic lines propose both driving and self-driving capabilities.

From the rear design, you can see that carbon fiber is used extensively. The green taillights coincide with the front accents, and a center red light bar acts as a brake light. The "THX" brand name sits prominently in the center, as does a rear windshield just above it.

Yevheniy imagines that this concept would be suitable for roads in the year 2030, mostly “on highways, connecting cities and suburbs.” 


Photos: Yevheniy Bratchyk

Gallery: THX Sports Car Concept

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