Has the same battery type as the updated i3.

BMW Motorrad has taken the wraps off the second-generation C evolution electric scooter to replace the original model which has been on sale since spring 2014. The styling changes are on a rather subtle level, but we do have to mention the fresh Silver metallic / Electric Green color combo contrasted by the Blackstorm metallic accents.

More importantly, the new C evolution e-scooter is going to be offered in two distinct versions, with both models eschewing the old 60-Ah battery pack in favor of the new 94-Ah batteries sourced from the updated BMW i3. The entry-level version is going to provide a continuous output of 15 horsepower (11 kilowatts) which will be enough electric punch for a top speed of 75 mph (120 kph). In this specification, the zero-emissions scooter will be able to cover distances of up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) before running out of battery juice, much like the previous generation.

As for the range-topping model, it has been billed as the “Long Range” and will up the power ante to a continuous 26 hp (19 kW) which is a considerable 11 hp (8 kW) more than the previous C evolution. Go for this beefier model and BMW Motorrad says it will do an electronically-capped 80 mph (129 kph) and cover an estimated 100 miles (160 km) thanks to the upgraded battery pack.

Regardless of version, the new C evolution comes as standard with LED daytime running lights and turn indicators, as well as a TFT instrument cluster display, reverse assist, and Torque Control Assist. In addition, the e-scooter provides several riding modes to choose from, along with extra goodies such as a tinted windshield and color seat seams. You will be able to distinguish the Long Range version from the regular model thanks to the new graphic added to the center tunnel trim.

BMW Motorrad is already selling the second-gen C evolution in several important European countries and has plans to launch it in U.S., Japan, South Korea, and Russia in the near future.

Source: BMW

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