The crossover wears Peugeot's camouflage pattern, but we think an Opel is underneath.

A new batch of spy photos reveals what is likely Opel’s upcoming C-segment crossover. The model is probably the middle child in the brand’s upcoming batch of new CUVs, which should arrive over the next couple of years.

The swirling camouflage over the entire body on this test mule hides the vehicle’s unique design cues and leaves it looking quite generic in these photos. The grille’s shape is the only major identifier that this could be an Opel. Many crossovers today use hard angles that evoke a sporty demeanor, but this test mule predominately features rounded-off edges. The result is a jovial air that might be more appealing to families. Compared to the spy shots of the next-gen Meriva, this model also looks sleeker thanks to its arching roof. The result is a style more like a traditional crossover rather than a high-riding van.

Our spies admit that they aren’t completely certain of this test mule’s identity, but their intuition suggests this must be one of the new Opel crossovers. The German brand is currently spearheading development on the next Meriva, Citroën C3 Picasso, and Peugeot 2008. Therefore, the photographers believe PSA Group is handling the recently revealed Peugeot 3008 and this Opel, which would share the same platform. Splitting up the effort would explain why this test mule wears Peugeot’s swirling camouflage pattern instead of Opel’s usual speckled motif.

Opel's C-segment CUV doesn't yet have a name, but it is likely just one part of the company's updated range of crossovers. The Mokka is already a success, and multiple batches of spy photos show the future Meriva's development. This model would be larger than both of them. Our spies also believe that an even larger vehicle could top the brand's CUV range and possibly share components with the recently revealed Peugeot 5008.

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