It could be the first true luxury ute on the market.

Australians love their utes - in fact, one in six vehicles sold on the continent is a ute. But could an Audi version find success in Oz? One Audi Australia executive thinks it could be an “interesting” thought.

Managing director Andrew Doyle entertained the idea of a Volkswagen-based ute in a recent interview, saying that, “If the formula is there to ensure its premium quality and premium performance, we’d have to do a global case study to see if that would be the case,” said Doyle in the interview. “It certainly would be an interesting addition to the Australian fleet.”

With the increase in sales of cars like the A3, A5, and TT in the market, and the continued growth of the Volkswagen Amorak pickup, the possibility for success is definitely there. In 2015 alone, Audi’s sales grew by over 20 percent in Australia and are expected to be even higher for 2016.

As far as competition is concerned, Mercedes-Benz is expected to bring its Nissan Navara-based pickup to market in the next year. Meanwhile, others like BMW and Jaguar have no plans to bring any competition to market any time soon. The big question for Audi is: do buyers want a luxury ute?

“It depends if there is really a market there for a premium utility model like that,” continued Doyle. “What I can say is that the brand has proven that as much as we stretch into different areas and different segments, we can have success.”

Source: CarAdvice