How to have a lot of fun with only 80 horsepower, the Caterham way.

Originally programmed in the mid-1960s during the times when Lotus was making the Seven, the Sprint version ultimately failed to reach production. Thankfully, Caterham is now willing to make up for lost time by introducing the retro-flavored Seven Sprint as a factory-built special edition set to be offered only in 60 units.

Power is provided by the same Suzuki engine with 80 horsepower found in the company’s entry-level Seven 160 model. While the latter kicks off in U.K. at £15,995, the Seven Sprint is going to set you back a cool £27,995. So, what are you getting for the extra £12,000? A multitude of “nostalgia-soaked features,” according to Caterham. For example, buyers get to pick from one of the six colors that were original British manufacturer hues available back in 1966 and 1967: Cream, Mellow Yellow, Regency Red, Camberwick Green, British Racing Green, and Misty Blue.


Much like the Series 2 Lotus 7, the Sprint benefits from a powder-coated finish and has received a special rollover bar and suspension in the same vein as Colin Chapman’s legendary creation. To further harken back to the Seven’s early days, Caterham has given the special edition flared front wings, individual taillights, and a polished exhaust silencer. In addition, the cream-painted wheels feature polished hubcaps, while the body will be adorned with retro Caterham branding and Sprint logo.

The interior cabin has also been subjected to a few changes to pay tribute to its ancestor, including a wooden-rimmed steering wheel matched with a wood effect for the dashboard. The classic oOOo instrument layout is also present to further link the Seven Sprint with the Series 2 Lotus 7, while the hand-stitched Muirhead Scottish seat upholstery finished in scarlet red acts as another reminder of the era.

Performances are identical to the Seven 160 upon which it’s based, so 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) will take 6.9 seconds and top speed is going to stand at exactly 100 mph (161 kph). The turbocharged, three-cylinder 660-cc delivers a peak torque of 79 pound-feet (107 Newton-meters) at 3,400 rpm through a five-speed manual gearbox in a car that weighs only 1,080 pounds (490 kilograms) in Seven 160 specification.

Caterham is already taking orders for the Seven Sprint and will have it on display during the Goodwood Revival starting today until Sunday.

Source: Caterham


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