Rumors of a meaner M2 have been swirling around the world wide web for quite some time, and while BMW has not confirmed any of them, now we have evidence that something hotter is indeed in the works. Spotted earlier this week at the Nürburgring (where else?) was a partially camouflaged M2 prototype going all out and sounding racy while doing it.

What to expect from a spicier M2? A combination of more power and less weight sprinkled with some aerodynamic bits and pieces to make the high-performance coupe a beast around any track. There have been conflicting reports about the car’s name, with some calling it “M2 GTS” while others have suggested the revival of the iconic “CSL” moniker.

Regardless of its designation, the powered-up M2 will likely end up as a special edition with a price to match, just like the sold-out M4 GTS. The latter ditched the rear seats for the sake of saving weight and that might happen with the beefier M2 as well if we were to rely on a report published by Auto Motor und Sport a few months back. According to the same folks, the turbocharged six-cylinder 3.0-liter engine will be massaged to deliver somewhere in the region of 408 horsepower (300 kilowatts) which would be a serious bump over the regular M2’s 365 hp (268 kW).

Details about the gearbox are scarce at the moment, so it’s unclear whether it will have the six-speed manual and the seven-speed, dual-clutch, or just one of the two. If BMW will pick just one, most likely it will decide to go with the M DCT which was probably the gearbox the prototype had.

As to when we will see the car, nobody knows, except obviously for the folks at BMW. The Bavarians are busy with the all-new 5 Series’ launch set for Paris next month, so it’s unlikely we will see it there. A reveal at some point in 2017 seems more possible, unless BMW wants to finish its centenary celebrations this year with a bang.

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