BMW has released the first official teaser video of the all-new, 2017 BMW 5 Series sedan, which is expected to make its debut next month at the Paris Motor Show.

The video affords just a few brief glimpses of the car - which is also known by its internal code G30 - interspersed with images that speak of power, control, technology, and athleticism. I think.

It is just about possible to make out a silhouette and surfacing not too far removed from the current F10 generation of 5 Series, and a rear lighting signature shared with the latest 7 Series. But that’s as much as the video is giving away.

Recent spy photos have been more instructive. They show the 2017 5 Series is a stylistic evolution, rather than a revolution, with a frontal treatment similar to that of the bigger 7 Series. It also shares its CLAR platform with the 7 Series, which features so-called Carbon Core carbon fiber elements for lighter weight.

As a result, the new 5 Series will reportedly be up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms) lighter than its predecessor, despite being physically bigger in every dimension in order to improve interior space, particularly for rear seat passengers.

The styling reflects that weight loss. The tapering profile and more rounded upper surfaces lend the G30 a sleeker, less bulky look than the decided portly F10.

It will only be few weeks until the finished 2017 5 Series is unveiled in Paris. It’s expected to go on sale either late this year or early in 2017. The sedan will be followed a few months later by the Touring wagon, and then by the Gran Turismo hatchback. Though it's very much a niche product in much of the world, the latter's continuation has been assured by its popularity in China, where buyers appreciate the higher seating and greater practicality it offers over the long-wheelbase 5 Series sedan it shares a chassis with.

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