Pretty quick, as it turns out.

I don’t about you, but I find there’s something very therapeutic about putting together a Lego kit. Meditative, even. It’s a rare opportunity to completely clear your mind and focus purely on finding the right part and putting it in the right place.

It’s incredibly satisfying, too, watching the model come together one tiny piece at a time. And when it’s finished you can step back and marvel at it, filled with the inner peace that only comes from having built something with your own two hands. Even if it’s just an assortment of little plastic bricks.

Alright, I’m getting a bit carried away here, but you get the point. Legos are more than just a kid’s toy. And, slightly weirdly, it’s just as relaxing to watch someone else build a Lego model as it is to do it yourself. As a surprisingly large number of successful Youtube channels show.

One such Lego-building Youtuber is hachiroku24, who seems to aim to build Lego kits as quickly as possible. And here he builds the Lego model of KITT from Knight Rider in a rather less than four minutes. Which is about a fifth of the time it would take me, if not more. And he does it from memory.

Incidentally, the model is one of the more approximate interpretations of the Pontiac Trans Am-based KITT I’ve seen - it’s really more of a representation. But absolute accuracy would be missing the point. The idea, of course, is that once you’re bored of it, you take it apart and rebuild it into something entirely of your own making. In that way, Lego has forged a great many careers in engineering.

Personally, I'll never stop playing with Lego. In fact, I could do to go and buy some more. Or liberate some from my brother's kids. I helped them build most of it in the first place, after all.