Drawing everyone's attention is impossible to avoid when driving a McLaren P1, so the best thing an owner can do is lean into the intense scrutiny. Owner Manny Khoshbin takes this idea to heart because his hypercar wears a custom coat of color-shifting paint. He recently brought the coupe to a meet-up in Newport Beach, California, and even among a bevy of high-end vehicles, his P1 was very popular.

The chameleon paint on Khoshbin’s McLaren shifts from a light orange to a deep merlot red, and there are occasional hints of green, too. Making it even better, the carbon fiber’s weave is still visible beneath the changing colors when you look closely at the body. The constantly morphing shades are probably too ostentatious for many people, but the effect is clearly exactly what Khoshbin is looking for.

According to The DuPont Registry, Khoshbin took delivery of his P1 from the Newport Beach dealer in 2014. At the time, the hypercer had a far more understated combination of Alaskan Diamond White and black trim. Like nearly 90 percent of P1 customers, McLaren’s MSO division also mildly customized the coupe.

The original paint didn’t last for long because in late 2014 Khoshbin announced on Instagram that he planned to take up McLaren’s offer of re-bodying 20 P1s in carbon fiber. They sold out quickly, and the option reportedly cost the equivalent of $234,000 at the time. During the upgrade, he also had MSO repaint the coupe in this more eye-catching style. The interior retained the original black and white combination.

A few other hypercars also make brief appearances in this clip, an Aventador Superveloce, and Koenigsegg Agera. However, Khoshbin’s P1 is still the star of the show. If you can't afford a custom vehicle from MSO, there are a ton of models of the hypercar on the market, and they range in price from just a few dollars to Amalgam Fine Model Cars' hyper-accurate version for $7,440.

Source: DuPont Registry Via: Car Scoops

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