I imagine the following conversation took place between Youtuber superspeedersRob and his camera operator - let’s call him Bob - before they shot this video.

Rob: You know how the windshield blower vents on my Ferrari 360 Modena are always coming loose?

Bob: Sure. They come away from the dashboard and need to be replaced, or else they just rattle around.

Rob: Exactly. Well, they need replacing again so I thought we'll do today's video about that.

Bob: Okay then. How do you replace them?

Rob: You can only get at them by pulling out the dashboard or removing the windshield.

Bob: Removing the dashboard won’t make for an interesting video.

Rob: I know, so I’m going to take the windshield out.

Bob: How?

Rob: I’m going to hit with a baseball bat.

Bob: Why?

Rob: If I can put a hole through it, I’ll reach through and change the vents over. That bit’s actually really easy.

Bob: But you’ll have a smashed windshield.

Rob: It’s okay, I’ve got another. And I’ll show how to put that in, too.

Bob: Okay then, just walk me through it. You’re going to smash the windshield where?

Rob: Right here on the driver’s side.

Bob: But then the driver won’t be able to see out.

Rob: It’s alright, I’m not going anywhere with it. I’ll smash the window and swap in the new one right after.

Bob: What if you don’t put a hole through?

Rob: I’ll make it work, don’t worry. Look, I’m just going to drive out of the garage, talk about the problem, smash the windshield, change the vent, and swap in the new glass. It’ll be a great gag.

Bob: Well, it’s definitely a gag of some kind. You absolutely sure about this?

Rob: Of course.

Bob: Really? I mean the windshield costs....

Rob: $3700.

Bob: 3700!? And the vent is?

Rob: $75.

Bob: So you’re going to spend $3700 on a gag about replacing a $75 part that most people wouldn’t bother about.

Rob: Yep.

Bob: Well, it’s your funeral. You want to check the new windshield before start, make sure it’s intact?

Rob: No it’ll be fine.

Bob: Alright then. Action, I guess.

And this is how I imagine the conversation went when the camera stopped rolling.

Rob: Don't look at me.


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