Small crossovers continue to be a big thing in the auto industry.

MG is prepping an entry into the highly competitive compact crossover segment, and a new batch of spy shots catches the little CUV during foggy testing in the Alps. The new addition to the lineup, reportedly with the moniker ZS, would give the Chinese-owned British brand a total of four models in its European product range. It would also be a smaller complement to the GS crossover.

Judging from these spy photos, the ZS could make a major change to the look of modern MGs. Where the brand’s current models feature a narrow, downward-plunging grille, this one has a much wider mouth. The shield-shaped face is actually somewhat reminiscent to the latest Mazda CX-3. MG’s designers don’t completely ditch their styling language because the new vehicle retains a slender intake along the lower fascia and swept-back headlights.

The ZS’ rear styling doesn’t deviate nearly as far as the front from the rest of MG’s lineup. In fact, it looks like a smaller version of the GS. Unlike its larger sibling, the ZS has a rather upright back window, but the hatch still flows down to narrow, pointed taillights. These photos show a single exhaust coming out below the bumper.

At this point, the ZS’ powertrain range is still a mystery, but we can make an educated guess. The GS uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 164 horsepower (122.1 kilowatts). MG probably wouldn’t let its smaller CUV out-power the larger one, so expect somewhat less output.

There are no real details about the ZS’ launch yet, but the company could follow a similar strategy as the GS's introduction. The larger CUV debuted first in China and premiered in Europe about a year later.  Because of China’s ravenous demand for crossovers at the moment, it would make sense for MG quickly to take advantage of the segment’s popularity there with this new model.

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