Red Bull boss Christian Horner has revealed that Max Verstappen was given a 'warning' by Charlie Whiting about his driving conduct at Spa during private discussions on Friday morning.

As reported earlier, Whiting met with Verstappen ahead of first free practice to discuss the events of Spa – in light of F1's race director having told teams on Thursday night that the Dutchman could have been given a black-and-white warning flag for what he did.

Although the FIA has not revealed any details of the chat between Verstappen and Whiting, Horner says that the talked revolved around the rigorous defensive tactics that the Red Bull driver used against Ferrari duo Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel.

He said that Whiting and Verstappen chatted through the details of what happened, and it was made clear that a repeat of such action in the future would risk punishment.

"Charlie was keen to show him a replay of Spa," Horner told Sky. "It was a gentle warning to say 'that'll be a black and white flag'. [It was] a bit of a warning."

Whiting has also held talks with Vettel and Raikkonen this weekend to better understand their frustrations, and Verstappen's driving will likely be talked about at length in Friday night's F1 drivers' briefing.


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