$6,600 more than the outgoing Equus, and worth every penny.

The new Genesis G90 is important for a number of reasons. For starters, it's the first vehicle to launch as part of the Genesis brand – now a fully separate division of Hyundai Motor Company. But more importantly, it represents Hyundai's best luxury effort yet, and a car worthy of setting the tone for an entire new brand. The new G90 officially goes on sale at the end of this month, and it'll cost $68,100 to start, excluding $950 for destination.


That $68,100 entry fee gets you the 3.3-liter biturbocharged V6 engine and rear-wheel drive; adding all-wheel drive ups the price to $70,600. In my First Drive of the G90, I found the V6 to be perfectly adequate, delivering more than enough power to hustle the big sedan up and down the hilly roads of British Columbia. Should you absolutely require V8 power, Genesis will sell you a G90 with a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 for $69,700 with rear-wheel drive or $72,200 with AWD.

Now, to put that price in perspective, consider this: The 2017 Genesis G90 costs $6,600 more than the outgoing Hyundai Equus, which it technically replaces. The Equus came standard with V8 power, yes, but the G90's V6 is way more entertaining. Plus, the Genesis generally drives better, looks better, and has a far nicer interior. It's a huge step up over the Equus.

The G90's closest competitor, to me, is the new Cadillac CT6. And while the Cadillac does start at $53,495, that's for the 2.0-liter model. In order to get a comparable powertrain, you'll need to spend $65,390 for the 3.0-liter biturbo V6. There's also the Lexus LS 460, which I personally think isn't as good as the Genesis, which costs $4,420 more. In other words, the G90 is right in the heart of the low-end of the fullsize luxury pricing spectrum.

Check out the press release below for full pricing details.


Source: Genesis

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