Exactly what happened still isn't clear.

A one-off Koenigsegg CCX named ‘Custom Vision’ was destroyed in an horrific crash in Mexico earlier this week.

The circumstances of the accident are not entirely clear at the time of writing. It seems the car was travelling towards the city of Monterrey when the driver lost control at high speed. According to witnesses at the scene, the car then hit a curb which launched it into a series of violent rolls.

As you can see in these images, the car is a total loss. The front end has been completely ripped off, along with the doors, roof panel and windshield surround. The rear is severely damaged too, a wheel having been sheared off.

The driver and passenger were reportedly taken to hospital, though their condition is not known. There have been suggestions on social media that at least one of them has subsequently died, but that has not been confirmed. Though the seats and lower section of the chassis tub remained intact, losing the doors and upper body means they will have been incredibly lucky to escape without serious injury.


‘Custom Vision’, chassis #67, was one of a very few Koenigseggs in Mexico if not the only. The original owner is thought to have brought the car into the country as a private import. It then turned up for sale last year at Prestige Premium Exclusive Cars in Leon, Guanajuato, wearing a price tag of 21 million pesos (around $1.35 million). It had previously been seen at dealers in Monterrey and Mexico City.

It’s known the car had been shipped back to Mexico from Texas the day before the crash. Some reports have suggested it wasn’t insured.

Koenigsegg built just 49 CCX-series cars; safe to say there’s definitely no more than 48 left now, as Custom Vision appears far too far gone to be rescued. Hopefully that’s not true of the occupants.

Source: Facebook/CleanImportsJDM; Carscoops; GTSpirit

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