Charlie Whiting told F1 teams ahead of the Italian GP that Max Verstappen could have received a black-and-white warning flag for his behaviour at Spa, prior to an informal discussion with the Red Bull driver ahead of first practice. has learned that the subject of Verstappen's driving came up in Thursday night's regular team managers' meeting.

Whiting acknowledged that having further reviewed the race, and in particular the blocking move on Kimi Raikkonen along the Kemmel Straight, in retrospect he might have suggested to the stewards that Max should receive a black and white warning flag.

The flag is shown as a warning to drivers that they are on the verge of being handed a penalty for their on-track conduct. Its use has to be authorised by the stewards.

The FIA regulations state that: "This flag should be shown once only and is a warning to the driver concerned that he has been reported for unsportsmanlike behaviour."

In the wake of Thursday night's meeting, Verstappen and Red Bull Racing team manager Jonathan Wheatley met with Whiting on Friday morning, presumably to clarify exactly what is and is not acceptable in the future.

At Spa there were signs of a push for leniency in order to allow drivers to race – akin to a football referee playing the advantage – in the light of controversy about some decisions.

The driver steward in Monza this weekend is multiple Le Mans winner Tom Kristensen.


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