It's a big kit for such a small car.

Today’s fact of the day: the largest manufacturer of rubber tires in the world is not Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, or any of the other big names. No, it’s toymaker Lego.

Seems incredible, but Lego probably sells millions of vehicle kits every year and they all need at least two tires, so the numbers soon mount up.

The range of vehicles on offer from Lego is huge. And it’s not all just made up stuff, either. There’s a Ferrari F40, a VW Beetle, the much talked about Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and my personal favorite, the Mercedes Arocs truck.

These days, many of the new vehicle kits aren’t actually developed by Lego, but by people with a lot of talent and a lot of time who submit their ideas to the Lego Ideas forum. Ideas like this sweet little Fiat 500F.

Actually, calling it ‘little’ is a bit wide of the mark, as it’s made from 1157 pieces. So it’s rather more substantial than the real thing, which was made of metal that was practically see-through.

It’s the work of Gabriele Zannotti and Saabfan, and is remarkably accurate. At least, as accurate as a car with barely a single straight line on it can be made from square bricks.

It’s packed with details, too. The hood opens to reveal a spare wheel and tools. The rear deck lid hides a fully detailed engine. The doors open on a proper interior with movable seats. There’s two roofs, so it can be closed or open top. There’s a luggage rack with a suitcase. And license plates, and badges, and so on.

At the time of writing, the kit has 1064 supporters of the 10,000 required for it to considered for production. Not many, but there are 538 days left to vote for it here if you want one on your shelf.


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