Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth installment in Michael Bay’s bombastic sci-fi action series, has been filming around Detroit, Michigan, this summer, and the crew welcomed a few fans behind the scenes for a chance to check out the blockbuster’s automotive stars. The film doesn’t arrive in theaters in the United States until June 23, 2017, so consider this a very early sneak preview of a few of the movie’s custom cars.

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One of the highlights here is the chance to peak inside Optimus Prime. The custom semi features a bunch of video displays inside that are probably very useful for the stunt driver during filming. The exterior still looks similar to the last Transformers movie, including the flaming paintjob on the cab.

There’s also a Decepticon semi called Onslaught on this set. The rear shows the destruction of three Autobots to its credit. We can’t wait to see which ones this beastly machine takes out.

Bumblebee’s custom Chevrolet Camaro and Barricade’s Ford Mustang police pursuit car make an appearance together, too. The ‘Stang’s “Keep Calm and Hail Megatron” decal is especially cool. We also hope this means there is a battle between the Bowtie and Blue Oval pony cars in the movie. There’s no better place for that fight than in Detroit.

In this cast of cars, the Mercedes-AMG GT R playing Drift looks fairly subdued. It has a massive wing and red accents, but overall look isn’t nearly as over-the-top as Bumblebee and Barricade. The color scheme could look very stealthy in robot form, though.

This clip also shows the aftermath of so much on-screen destruction. There’s a row of burned-out and wrecked cars that are victims of the film’s many automotive stunts. Look forward to seeing how they incur that damage on the big screen next summer.

Via: Motor Authority

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