The gesture is an exception worth making in such cases.

Tesla is very strict when it comes to the waiting lists for any of its three models it has on sale. Not even Elon Musk’s cousin, Lyndon Rive, was allowed to get in front of the queue when he placed an order for the Model S. That being said, the Palo Alto-based EV manufacturer has decided to make an exception for Ryan Wagner who is going through some very difficult times.

Back in 2013 at the very young age of 29, Ryan was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer. It turned out to be a roller coaster of a week for him because days later he found out his wife was pregnant. His son was born on August 10, 2014, but a couple of months after his birth he was diagnosed with a rare disease called ‘primary hyperoxaluria.’ In his battle with the disease, Ryan’s child needed liver and kidney transplants. The good news arrived when the child was 18 months old, with his parents receiving a call that a liver was available for him. He was in the hospital for no less than five weeks to recover and he had to go through four surgeries to finish the transplant. His parents are now waiting for a living donor for the kidney transplant.

As for Ryan, his disease has spread to his lungs and lymph nodes and he is now suffering from stage IV metastatic colon cancer, with statistics showing a five-year relative survival rate of approximately 11 percent, according to

Ryan Wagner's Tesla Model S

So by now you are probably wondering what do all these have to do with Tesla? When Ryan heard the terrible news about his cancer, he made two decisions: pay off the house so that his wife and son would have a place to live, and fulfill his dream of buying a brand new Model S. He decided to order the all-electric sedan from Tesla’s Chicagoland store, but just like all the other people, he was faced with a long waiting list.

Ryan Wagner son's toy Tesla Model S

The team working at Chicagoland found out about Ryan’s special situation and managed to bump his order in the waiting list in order to get the Model S sooner than originally scheduled. As if this wasn’t impressive enough, they decided to go the extra mile and bought a Radio Flyer Model S electric toy car for his son.

Upon hearing the news, Tesla President of Global Sales and Service, Jon McNeill, expressed his gratitude for the gesture in a tweet published at the end of last month.


Ryan is now living his life to the fullest and he isn’t giving up hope after more than 60 sessions of chemotherapy. He also has a message for Elon Musk, saying that he would like to meet him if he will ever do a make-a-wish for adults. As for the Model S, Ryan mentions it’s an ‘amazing car with all the performance and technology that I could have ever wished for!’

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