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Musician, producer, entrepreneur, activist, and space cowboy is known for his, err, esoteric aesthetic. But it’s not just his fashion sense that leaves everyone scratching their heads.

You see, is a proper gearhead who loves customizing his cars to his own… unique vision. Indeed, he started his own shop, IAmAuto, which employs people from deprived areas of Los Angeles.

You may recall what will’s vision looks like from his lunatic DeLorean-based creation of a few years ago, and more recently he partnered with Lexus to create a widebody NX crossover. He’s returned to that theme with this Tesla Model S, which wears the most hilariously wide fenders I’ve ever seen.

It actually reminds me of the work of Strosek, Koenig, and b+b, whose utterly wild custom versions of high-end cars were big in the 1980s. The body kit is heavily sculpted, all scallops and cuts, the front has developed a - how to put it? - jutting jaw, and a broad grin of a grille. And ahead of the rear wheels - completely pointlessly - are a pair of gaping intakes.

There’s more, too, with massively dished wheels to fill out those fenders, and the rear doors have been given a ‘suicide’ conversion.

There’s no doubt at least half of you reading this will absolutely hate it. There’s far too much going on and not much of it makes any sense. At best it’s weird, at worst it’s downright ugly.

But I think there are too many custom cars built to fit in with a particular ‘scene’, which means there’s not much variety, these days. Regardless of its aesthetic merits,’s Tesla is undeniably unlike anything else you will ever see. Because of that, I think he should be commended for building it.

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