At the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show, Lancia presented the Fulvia Coupe Concept (pictured), but as you will already know that is as far as the project ever got due to the ageing Punto Mk2 platform it was based on coupled with the insecure position of the Fiat Group at the time. Since then the Fiat group has built itself back up to become one of the most secure automakers in the world and this secure position allows the Fulvia project to be revived.

If the sources are correct, the reborn project could see the production version's worldwide debut at the Paris Motor Show this September although a Geneva debut next year is more likely, the new model will come with a folding hard-top convertible and rumours flying around say it coule be labelled as "Aurelia".

The Alfa Romeo MiTo will provide the base for the new model although we are told the chassis will come from the current generation Punto. A cleaner design has been achieved with the expensive re-engineering of the A-pillar and it is set to look quite different from this 5-rear old concept.

Lancia Fulva Concept Based Aurelia on the Horizon?