West Coast Custom has built few units of the concept inspired car due to a Dubai royal request.

Discovery Channel has presented, not long ago, how West Coast Custom guys had a hard time completing a Land Rover Range Rover Stormer replica. Once finished, anyway, they were proud of the result, which would be handed to a Dubai Royal family member. The car must have made a huge success there, since WCC built a few more. According to Jalopnik, one of these replicas is nowadays for sale at Autotrader Dubai. The cost? Mere 1,650,000 AED, what represents about US$491,000.

Is it too much? Not if you consider the car is exclusive, with its two door that open in scissor style, its glass roof and all other details. Even if these features where not present, and did not give WCC the load of work Discovery Channel has shown, it is in Dubai, a place that represents the quintessence of richness in the world. At least in what relates to cars, petrol etc.

[06.10.2008 CORRECTION] -  Price corrected to $491,000 USD

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