"Now, don’t run to the Chevy dealer and order your Volt yet: The “test mule” I drove – a previous-generation Malibu – wasn’t calibrated properly"

Last week GM finally officially announced that the Chevrolet Volt has been approved. Of course this was just a red tape since Bob Lutz has been very vocal about the program for some time now, but it will go into the General's history book all the same.

Bob Lutz, GM Chairman, drove an official 'engineering development vehicle' or test mule and thought it was electrifying. The test mule has the outer shell of a last generation Chevrolet Malibu and will look nothing like it, but the underpinnings will most likely remain mostly the same. The 16-kwh lithium-ion battery pack is powering the car with its silent and instant torque.

Bob Lutz drove past some gas stations offering regular unleaded for just under USD 4 only to realize that this electric car can't come fast enough, and even if GM is on schedule they don't expect the Volt to reach the US market before mid 2010. GM hopes to start production early 2010.

Read what Bob Lutz has to say about his test drive experience on his blog.

Bob Lutz Test Drives Chevrolet Volt