Celebrating thee decades of Saab turbocharging leadership and the first to feature Saab’s state-of-the art Cross-Wheel Drive system, the limited-edition Turbo X is a driver-focused performance car

The all-black Saab Turbo X is back and if you ordered one before February then you have the opportunity to experience your new car at the Saab Turbo X Driving Academy. The new Saab Turbo X premiered at last years Frankfurt auto show and features Saab's new Cross-wheel Drive system.

Saab started turbo charging their cars since their 1978 99 CombiCoupe hatchback. The new Turbo X tries to mimic the appeal of these early black 99 and 900 Turbos while offering state-of-the-art technology.

“Like the enthusiasts who have remained loyal from the first turbo models, we are very proud of our turbocharging heritage,” said Saab Automobile USA General Manager Steve Shannon. “The new Turbo X is one of the most satisfying Saabs ever built.”

The Saab Turbo X is available as either a four-door Sport Sedan or a five-door SportCombi estate. Styling cues enhance aerodynamic performance and differentiate the Turbo X from the regular Saab 9-3's. The Turbo X sits on 18 inch three-spoke alloy wheels while the interior build on the all-black theme.

Power comes from the 2.8 liter, 24 valve V6 Turbo engine producing 280 hp (206 kW) with 400 Nm of torque coupled with a six-speed automatic or manual transmission. The United States will see a maximum of 600 units in total, split between the two body styles, and will be priced starting at USD 42,510 for the sedan and USD 43,310 for the estate.

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