The most adorable addition to the Pixis lineup yet.

Looking to continue its success in the Kei car market in Japan, Toyota has added another variation to its successful Pixis lineup. The Pixis Joy looks to make an impact with more handsome exterior cues and a more mainstream focus.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Pixis Joy is its softer styling. Whereas the boxy Pixis Mega resembled something similar to a first-generation Scion xB, the Pixis Joy takes a more subtle approach. The upgrades range from a more pronounced front grille, to softer headlights, and a more spacious interior, just to name a few.

The Pixis Joy is available in three flavors - C, F, and S trim - and each present a unique set of styling cues and colors. The C, for example, wears 15-inch aluminum wheels and is decorated in body cladding that “exudes the appeal of a crossover model.”

The F trim is the most elegant of the three, softening up its fascia and offering two shades of pink exclusively. The S trim is the sportiest, naturally, and wears a more aggressive fascia that improves aerodynamics, and comes littered with red accents both on the exterior and interior. 

All three trims use the same 660cc engine, with power being sent to the front wheels. Buyers can opt for a turbocharged version of that engine in the C and F trims, while the S trim is fitted with the turbocharged engine exclusively.

The Pixis Joy will be offered at 211 dealers throughout Japan, ranging in price from ¥1,220,400 - ¥1,620,000 ($12,000 - $16,000).

Source: Toyota

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