She is able to drive away in the Lambo.

Indian politician Narendra Mehta was nice enough to give his wife, Suman, a brand new Lamborghini Huracán for her recent birthday. Unfortunately, the high-horsepower present has been a huge pain for them both because a video went viral of Suman accidentally crashing the supercar into an auto rickshaw. The incident didn’t seriously injure anyone, but there have been heaps of criticism on the woman’s driving.

It's hard to tell what causes Suman to spear directly into the auto rickshaw because the video doesn't provide much context for what happens before the accident. The hit isn't very hard, though. Suman spins the stationary auto rickshaw a few feet, and some pedestrians run out of the supercar's path just in time. She then gets out of the Lamborghini to check the situation. A crowd begins to form, and she starts driving away slowly. At the end of this low-resolution clip, we see there's no major damage to the front of the new Huracán.

According to CarScoops citing a report by the Hindustan Times, Narendra Mehta paid the rickshaw owner for the damage, and there were no charges against Suman. “My wife has 18 years of experience and has driven Audi and other imported cars. The car just touched the front of the auto and it was not damaged,” Mehta said. Suman also recently showed everything was okay by posting a picture of the orange Huracán on Facebook.

The worst outcome in this case seems to be some embarrassment for the politician and his wife, which doesn't seem too bad. The result could have been much worse, though, because these supercars can be tricky to handle – even for experienced drivers. We have seen plenty of reports of Huracáns crashing or catching fire. This couple got away with just bruised egos and some criticism online.


Via: CarScoops