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In 1967, Ferrari introduced the 330 P4 in response to the Ford GT. It was more aerodynamic than the P3 it was replacing, and more powerful too. Total output from the mid-mounted V12 was 450 horsepower (335 kilowatt), with the three-valve cylinder head being modeled after the Italian Grand Prix-winning Formula One cars.

With new engineering meant new success. One P4 would win the 1967 Monza 1000 Kilometers, while three of the four P4s produced would finish first, second, and third at the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona. The P4 would be quickly replaced by the 312 P in 1969, and the four leftover chassis would go to private collectors.

Unfortunately, the car you see here isn’t one of those four vehicles. What it is, is an exact replica created by P4 by Norwood of Rockwall, Texas, a company known for building the most stunning Ferrari P4 replicas known to man. Forgoing a three-year waiting list, one very rich enthusiast can pick up this example on eBay right now…but it ain’t cheap.

1967 Ferrari P4 Replica

With a starting bid of $850,000, this stunning replica can be in your driveway tomorrow, hypothetically. Under the hood is a modern Ferrari 575 V12 that produces 500 horsepower (372 kilowatt), and a full Motec ECU. Aside from the new engine and ECU, every component is modeled identically to the original P4 from 1967.

The chassis is a hand-forged chromoly tube steel frame that replicates Enzo's design. Each fluid tank is hand-formed from aluminum to assure period correctness, and the gold wheels are cast magnesium identical to the 1967 example.

And in case you were wondering, it is street legal. The car is registered in Texas under the specialty construction law with the VIN TEX114248, and even includes a year of technical support from its builders, P4 by Norwood. 

It’s as good as one will get to owning the real thing - unless your name is James Glickenhaus, of course.

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