Each at a cost of $2.5 million.

With new owner Mahindra behind it, Pininfarina has a plan to compete with the current crop of high-horsepower hypercars with a vehicle of its own. The H2 Speed Concept - which we saw debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in the year - will be that vehicle, and should be heading to production in the next few years.

The hydrogen-powered race car will come at a cost of $2.5 million each, with only 10 examples expected to hit the production line. It will be “a racing car for gentleman drivers,” says CEO Silvio Pietro, with interested buyers allegedly already lining up to get their hands on one.

On the exterior, expect it to use many of the same design cues we saw in the concept. Underneath that stunning bodywork will be a Le Mans Prototype 2 racing chassis. That means it will be homologated for FIA competition, but definitely not street legal.

Pietro says a working prototype of the H2 should be done in next year, with production following 12 to 14 months after that. No exact details on performance, but we do know that it will have “at least 503 horsepower (375 kilowatt)" using a hydrogen hybrid setup.

Of course, the H2 was largely inspired by Pininfarina’s 1969 Sigma Formula One concept and will continue the design firm’s tradition of forward thinking.

Source: Automotive News

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