Cadillac boss Johan de Nysschen ranks with Elon Musk as being among the most charismatic executives in the auto industry. He’s not going to let a publication screw up the facts about his division, either. In the comments section to a report about the brand’s future by, de Nysschen recently set the record straight about future product plans.

De Nysschen confirms rumors that the CT8 isn’t coming, but that doesn’t mean the brand isn’t developing a range-topping product. “There will be a flagship, but given the segment development, it will not be a large four door sedan,” he writes. Rumors suggest Caddy might have a $250,000 SUV under development, which fits perfectly with the boss’ statement.


“There will be a flagship, but given the segment development, it will not be a large four door sedan.”


Cadillac customers can also anticipate two more CUVs in the future lineup. De Nysschen confirms the development of a crossover beneath the Escalade and a compact below the XT5. The brand isn’t forgetting its sedans either because there are also a pair of new four-doors on the way, and we hope they take some design cues from the recent Escala concept (above), especially for the front end. Plus, the company plans refreshes for the CT6 and XTS. Some of these vehicles will get also forms of electrification and new engines, possibly including the reported biturbo 4.2-liter V8.

De Nysschen doesn’t provide a specific timeline for this bevy of new products, but he writes: “GM is currently in the normal annual planning cycle for budgets and the five year mid term plan.” Some of these five new models and two refreshes would likely be part of that strategizing.

The boss also vehemently denies’s allegation that General Motors’ top execs are no longer giving their full support to Cadillac. De Nysschen reports both the brass and the board of directors endorse his strategy. He ends the comment by writing: “I trust these unusually transparent insights which I have shared, will allay the fears of thousands of Cadillac fans who will greet your article with justified consternation.”


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