Webber teamed up with fellow Aussie Ricciardo on the Spa podium to pull off a unique celebration known as a ‘shoey’, which involves drinking champagne from a (well used) race boot.

While Webber later admitted that drinking from Ricciardo’s sweaty boot was less than pleasant, he says he wanted to join the second-place finisher in the moment.

“[It was] not very nice,” said Webber. “Look. I knew. When Daniel was up there I knew I will probably be under pressure to do a shoey.

“So yeah. It did not taste so good, but anyway in the end its good fun. And a bit of a... Daniel was in a moment, pumped up, full of adrenalin. I went with a moment for him.”

The bizarre celebration has become uniquely Australian, kickstarted by V8 Utes racer Ryal Harris before it was taken to the big time by Supercars star David Reynolds, who drank from his bright green boot after winning in Darwin last year.

Jack Miller then brought the ‘shoey’ to international motorsport when he won the Assen TT, Ricciardo introducing it to Formula 1 fans for the first time when he finished second in Germany.

Interview by Oleg Karpov



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