Kimi Raikkonen has once again hit out at Formula 1 rival Max Verstappen over the Dutchman's aggressive driving, saying they were fortunate to escape a "big accident".

Verstappen came under fire from Raikkonen for defending too harshly during the Hungarian Grand Prix - and the matter came up again at Spa-Francorchamps, the duo involved in a battle in the mid-pack after opening lap contact at La Source.

The Finn took issue specifically with Verstappen's defensive move on the Kemmel Straight as the Dutchman went for a late block to prevent Raikkonen from breezing through with DRS, making the Ferrari man lift to avoid collision.

Speaking after the race, Raikkonen said: "I’m all up for fair battles and close racing.

"But when I have to back off after Eau Rouge on the straight when I made my move - I had to brake not to hit him, because he turns after I make my move the first time - that, I think, is not correct.

"We were fortunate there wasn’t a big accident because of that."

Verstappen was not penalised for the block, as the rules do not prohibit a defending driver from reacting to a move from the attacking driver.

Raikkonen continued: "If I have to brake from full speed, I haven’t had that with any other driver.

"If I hadn’t braked, I would have hit him at the rear at full throttle. Something is not correct, but it doesn’t seem to matter."

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