Humans aren’t really designed to sit in the same position for hours on end. On a long road trip, aches build and fatigue sets in surprisingly quickly. Even if the car is actually very comfortable.

You can have a good stretch behind the wheel and pound energy drinks, but Volkswagen thinks that isn’t really good enough. So, in typically Germanic style, it has devised a quick and efficient workout that should ease any pains and keep you alert for another few hours.

As you can above, it involves shoulder rotations, various stretches, running on the spot, and dips, with very precise repetitions and timings - as I said, typically Germanic. No doubt experts were consulted, experiments carried out, and measurements taken in devising the circuit, making sure it does the job but is easy enough for anyone to do. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it borrows from the warmup routines VW Group's factory race drivers do before getting into the car for a middle-of-the-night stint at Le Mans. 

I suffer from lingering back problems that force me to stop for a stretch every couple of hours, regardless of what I’m driving. Apart from a Rover 75 I used to own, which remains the single most comfortable car I’ve ever done significant distance in. I might actually give this routine a try, but there is one small problem with it: everyone else at the rest stop will look at you like you’ve just landed from outer space.

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