A group of designers say they're working on a self-riding motorcycle

According to Wired magazine, “It’s time to imagine, design, and develop a new breed of urban vehicle. Something that will minimize the human footprint, that can operate year round in any weather, and run on electricity instead of gasoline.”

While it may or may not be that time, the Cyclotron proposes to move the clock ahead. The concept was created by Charles Bombardier, a transport futurist, and Ashish Thulkar, freelance industrial designer. The Cyclotron was inspired by the Tron Light Cycle and Lit Motors’ self-balancing C1.

The rid… er, passengers in the enclosed, autonomous vehicle “would sit facing one another, given a rare chance to relax, chat, and get to know one another" according to Wired. (Or ignore each other and look at their phones –Ed.)

“A gyroscopic system like that on the C1 would keep the vehicle stable at all times, even when fully stopped—no need to put your feet down to keep from tipping over. The electric motor would send power to both wheels for improved traction in winter conditions, or power just one to conserve power.

“Each Cyclotron would recharge with wireless power transfer and would be allowed to buy and sell electricity in real time to other nearby vehicles depending each vehicle’s stores and requirements. The interior of the Cyclotron would feature two adjustable seats. Both butterfly doors would be able open and drop you off on either side of the street since the bike can travel in both directions.”

Coming soon to the mean streets of of urban traffic near you? Perhaps not soon, but possibly some day. Maybe.

Illustration by Ashish Thulkar.

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