The Model S and Model X have “never been more affordable.”

Instead of forcing you to wait around for the upcoming Model 3, Tesla wants to give you a more affordable leasing option. If you head to a Tesla store and place an order before September 12th, you could walk out the door with a pretty good deal on the Model S or Model X.

At $593/month, you could lease a base Model S 60 with no options for 24 months with a 10,000-mile-per-year-limit. Of course, that comes with a $6,000 down payment. Opt for the Model X 60D, and the lease jumps significantly to $730 per month with the same terms.

The new 24-month lease program coincides with the already available 36-month lease program that offers the Model S 60 at $667/month, and Model X 60D at $788/month. That's with a lesser downpayment of $5,000 and the same 10,000-mile-per-year-limit.

Tesla says the 24-month lease option was one of its “most popular requests,” and will allow consumers to “drive electric today” without having to shell out $72,700 for a brand new Model S, or $74,000 for a Model X.

To further sweeten the deal, Tesla is giving potential lesees the opportunity to apply a $1,000 credit from the Tesla Referral Program, so long as they have the special personal code of any Tesla owner to which they can add to the agreement.

The new lease option is running for a limited time only, and will be available to customers until September 12th, 2016.

Source: Tesla

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