Nissan doesn’t think the market is ready for an electric sports car yet.

Nissan could easily build an electric sports car now, but the new-car market isn’t ready for such a vehicle. The automaker could, however, envisage launching a sporty EV by the end of this decade. That’s what Nissan Europe director of electric vehicles Gareth Dunsmore told Autocar at a recent presentation of the company’s BladeGlider EV concept.

“As we head towards 2020 you’ll see greater moves towards EVs,” Dunsmore told Autocar. “Governments are starting to support the move towards climate change objectives, and to get to that point needs a huge shift towards electric mobility.”

For Nissan, the most likely type of all-electric sports car is something like the BladeGlider concept. Essentially an evolution of the Deltawing and ZEOD RC, the BladeGlider is a narrow, futuristic sports car with twin electric motors, providing torque vectoring for the rear wheels. It’s rated for a total output of 268 horsepower, and because it weighs only 2,866 pounds, can rocket to 62 miles per hour in less than five seconds.

Dunsmore told Autocar that showing concepts like the BladeGlider helps to get enthusiasts more excited about the possibility of electric cars beyond efficient models like the Leaf.

“We need to demonstrate the value of the vehicle,” he said. “It’s not the amount of money, but the message that turns people’s heads. It’s to show there are different options.”

Source: Autocar

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