Customers can get a cup holder now, too.

At 3,075 pounds (1,395 kilograms), the standard Lotus Evora 400 in Europe is pretty light already, but the British brand is now offering a new Carbon Pack, lithium-ion battery, and a titanium exhaust. If customers order these upgrades with the current mass-reducing options, the coupe’s weight falls to a svelte 2,983 pounds (1,353 kg). Best of all, the upgrades are available to customers in all markets where the Evora 400 is sold, including the United States.

The Carbon Pack adds lightweight body parts from the Lotus Evora Sport 410 that shed 11 pounds (5kg). The new pieces with a visible weave replace the front splitter, roof, center portion of the rear wing, part of the rear diffuser, mirror caps, and the front access panel. The titanium exhaust’s single trapezoidal exit looks especially purposeful with the kit.

The Carbon Pack costs $10,000 in the U.S, 9,000 euros in Germany, and 6,500 pounds in the U.K. The exhaust is an additional $8,000, 7,000 euros, or 5,500 pounds. Finally the lithium-ion battery goes for $1,690, 1,890 euros, or 1,350 pounds. If customers really want to shave off weight, they can choose to delete the rear seats and air conditioning as no-cost options.

Some buyers don’t mind a little more weight for extra convenience, and Lotus is making the Evora 400 a little more useful by fitting a cup holder and change tray. The piece weighs just 4.2 ounces (120 grams). It’s standard on models in the United States and Canada, but buyers elsewhere have to pay extra.

Source: Lotus

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