Casualties of war, a name given to those left behind in battle, nowadays referring more to innocent bystanders than combat soldiers. In these times of war against emissions, carbon dioxide and chokingly high oil prices, casualties may be left behind. The first of these could be HUMMER, General Motors’ gasoline sandpit on four wheels. Following GM’s statements earlier this week that it is reviewing its HUMMER brand on a strategic basis “from a complete revamp of the product line up to a complete sale of the brand”, news is now out that Tata or Mahindra could be buying HUMMER, although both have refused to comment. Tata recently turned the tables on its former coloniser the United Kingdom as it bought two of its most iconic brands Land Rover and Jaguar in an historic cash deal.

Bankers representing both Indian brands have been said to be meeting with GM executives to discuss the possible disposal of HUMMER to their clients. HUMMER dropped sales 35 percent so far this year, surpassing the 25 percent drop it experienced in 2007. In layman’s terms, the brand is bleeding. Cars like the Chevrolet Volt point to the future of GM as it revamps its entire fleet into a gas-saving futuristic lineup of clean cars that even Al Gore can endorse. HUMMER doesn’t seem to fit this bill and so this so-called strategic review is expected to go one way only.

Gallery: Tata or Mahindra to buy HUMMER?

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