Get your active lifestyle on, even if you don't own a car.

Car-sharing service Zipcar wants to make it easier for its customers to take their outdoor toys with them. Select models of Zipcar located in 17 cities around North America will now offer Yakima roof racks for transporting bicycles, skis, or surfboards.

Zipcar will offer the racks on the Subaru Impreza and Crosstrek in the U.S., and on Hyundai Elantras in Canada. The Yakima racks can carry two bicycles, six skis, four snowboards, or two surfboards/paddleboards, depending on configuration. The idea is to help customers who need to rent a car – for instance, city dwellers – easily transport their gear to the great outdoors.

“Our partnership with Yakima gives Zipsters more opportunities to engage in the active lifestyles they love, whether that’s biking, skiing, surfing or stand-up paddle boarding,” Zipcar vice president of marketing Andrew Daley said in a statement.

Zipcar says it will equip about 150 cars in the U.S. and Canada with the roof racks. They'll be available in the following cities:  Atlanta; Baltimore; Boston; Chicago; Denver, Colorado; Houston, Texas; Miami; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Philadelphia; Portland; Sacramento, California; the San Francisco Bay Area; Seattle; Tampa; Washington, D.C; and Vancouver.

When reserving a car online, Zipcar users can simply look for the “Yakima” logo next to a vehicle listing to find out that’s equipped with the appropriate rack. The cars don’t cost any extra to rent, and Zipcar plans to swap out the rack types by season – e.g. more bike racks in summer and more ski racks in winter.

Source: Zipcar

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