It might also have a wider body.

Much of the talk about the Corvette’s future has been about the possibility of a mid-engine version for the next generation. However, Chevy has big plans and a massive wing in store for the current model, which might revive the ZR1 name. These spy shots show the gargantuan airfoil of the back of the coupe at the proving grounds, and they also give us some tiny peeks at the rest of the body.

The huge wing is the first thing you notice about this ‘Vette and for good reason. It appears to be just as tall as the roof. While good for downforce, the position could be aesthetically awkward on the coupe. Chevy could avoid that problem by giving the ZR1 active aero, which would raise and lower the wing.

The rear three-quarters photo seems to indicate other exterior upgrades in addition to the wing. It could just be extra width from the cladding, but the front fenders appear wider than on a stock ‘Vette. There’s also a thick rib running along the lower portion of the door panel, which also might be part of a wide-body kit.

The ZR1 reportedly debuts at the 2017 North American International Auto Show this January in Detroit. Rumors suggest it would be extremely powerful, but there are no firm powertrain details yet. Because the current Z06 produces 650 horsepower from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8, expect more power, less weight, or both as a strategy to give the new variant even more performance.

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