Could the HUMMER H3 run on corn flakes? Maybe, maybe not. GM is busy reviewing such questions. But Cadillac Escalade has been given an answer, not quite as crunchy but nevertheless a giant step in the direction Bob Lutz and Rick Wagoner want to take America’s number one.

An announcement has been made that every 2009 Escalade model will be able to run either on everyday gas, E85 or a mix of both.
“The success of E85 as an alternative fuel” says GM Vice President of Environment, Energy and Safety Policy Beth Lowery, “depends on having the fuel readily available and having a range of cars and trucks that can use it. We will offer more than 15 flex-fuel capable models for 2009 compared with 11 this year.”
Brazil is a leader in the use of E85 and is the leading producer of ethanol in the world. The US is rapidly catching up though as demand for E85 increases dramatically due to the current oil price.

GM’s Flexfuel solution is already being used in HUMMER H2, H2 SUT, Buick Lucerne and Chevrolet HHR.
“We continue to believe that ethanol used in high blends like E85 offers the best near-term solution to offset increased oil demand,” Lowery explained. “There are more than 7 million vehicles today that can use E85.” Lowery urged on that what’s needed now are significantly more stations that offer the fuel.

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