BMW reports at least nine incidents of driveshaft failure.

BMW will recall 956 examples of the 2015 M5 and M6 in the United States because the driveshafts can potentially fracture and then fail. Specifically, the campaign includes 543 units of the M5 with production dates between September 4, 2014, and December 4, 2014; 82 examples of the M6 Coupe from September 3, 2014, through December 3, 2014; 99 M6 Convertibles from September 8, 2014, through December 4, 2014; and 232 M6 Gran Coupes from September 3, 2014, through December 4, 2014.

These high-performance models have an improper weld on the driveshaft that can cause it to break. If this happens when driving, the owner would lose power to the wheels. BMW believes the failure is most likely to happen between 35 and 50 miles per hour (56 to 80 kilometers per hour) because of the load on the transmission during the shift from second to third gear.

According to BMW’s chronology, it received the first report of this problem in August 2015 when the driveshaft failed on a M5, and there was another incident in September. In total, the automaker’s document lists nine occasions of the malfunction occurring. However, there are no reports of any accidents or injuries.

To fix the problem, dealers will inspect and replace the driveshaft, as necessary. The company will begin the recall on September 6, 2016.

Source: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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