The company is the major Asian market's volume leader but has a slight lead.

Volkswagen Group continues to feel the sting of Dieselgate in some regions, including its sales volume down nearly 14 percent to 177,772 vehicles for the year through July in the United States, but there’s a very different story happening in China. The German automotive behemoth now leads that major Asian market again in deliveries and holds a marginal lead over General Motors in second place, according to Automotive News.

As of July, VW Group delivered a total of 2,148,000 vehicles in China – up 8 percent from 2015. GM retained a close second with a volume of 2,081,005. The German company extended the lead in July, too, by moving 285,900 units versus the General’s 270,529.

Chinese buyers find a lot to like from VW Group’s stable of marques. According to Automotive News, the VW brand was up 17 percent in July over the same month last year. Skoda also jumped 16 percent, and Audi improved nearly 10 percent.

The continued success in China helps offset Dieselgate’s growing costs. VW Group owes around $15 billion in the U.S, including $10 billion in vehicle buybacks. There’s also over $300 million in legal fees to pay there. Plus, the automaker may offer some form of restitution to dealers. Elsewhere, the corporation is dealing with a stop sale on many models in South Korea and needs to pony up $16 million in fines there.

Source: Automotive News