Answering Your Questions About BoldRide Becoming Motor1

Hello again BoldRide readers, It’s t-minus six days until we merge BoldRide into Motor1 on Tuesday, August 16th. Thank you for the open and positive response to last week’s announcement of the merger. I’d like to take this time answer some questions that I got from loyal BoldRide readers. 1. Will the email newsletter continue? You all love you some BoldRide email newsletter! This was the most asked question, and I’m happy to say you will continue to receive an email newsletter after BoldRide merges into Motor1. The Motor1 newsletter is sent daily and we’re always working to improve it. Feel free to sign up for it early here, or just wait and we’ll automatically port you over next week. 2. Will Motor1 have as many ads as BoldRide? Good news, it will have fewer. BoldRide is monetized in a different way than Motor1, a way that meant readers experience a higher number of ads and more intrusive ones. Motor1, though, keeps ads to a minimum and integrates them cleanly in the site’s sleek design. 3. Will I like what I see on Motor1? You want to know if you’ll get the same sort of articles on Motor1 that you’ve enjoyed on BoldRide. The answer is yes, and more. During the week, we publish between 25 to 30 articles per day on Motor1. That’s significantly more than BoldRide, so you should see all of the articles you would’ve seen on BoldRide and many more. You’ll get all of the daily automotive news from around the world, as well as new car reviews and first drives, live auto show coverage, premium video, and exclusive original features. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Motor1 is fast becoming a global network of sites. In addition to our main site at, we have Motor1-CANADA, Motor1-FRANCE, Motor1-TURKEY, and a sister site in Italy called that will soon become Motor1-ITALY. These editions carry the same content as the main Motor1 site, but adds extra reporting of that region’s news and presents it all in each country’s native language. We have more editions planned for the coming year in a number of languages, and you can choose whether to read the main site in English or your local Motor1 edition (we’ll remember which one you pick and load it for you each time). So, where do you want to see Motor1 launch next? If you have questions, comments, or just want to vent, leave a comment below. I’ll do my best to answer every one and you can also reach me directly at We’re sincerely excited to join our two communities and hope you give us at a chance to earn your readership.