Liberty Walk knows how to turn a vehicle's design up to 11.

If you own a McLaren 650S and feel the coupe looks too boring, many people would probably question your opinion. However, the Japanese tuner Liberty Walk can also assuage your concern of driving a frumpy supercar by offering a new body kit that pumps up the McLaren to cartoonish proportions.

Judging by Liberty Walk’s other work, the stylists there have a deep love of wide fenders, and the firm’s kit bolts some of the biggest haunches possible onto the 650S. The company says the coupe looks more like the GT3 racer after these parts’ installation, but the competition version actually might be more understated.

To match the exaggerated look, Liberty Walk also offers a new bumper and diffuser at the front with massive mesh grilles. Wider side sills also help balance the brawny fenders. At the back, the firm lets owners add a new fascia, diffuser, and wing.

Giving your 650S this intensified look is not an inexpensive project, though. Liberty Walk offers a set with all the parts in fiber-reinforced plastic for $33,930 (26,150 pounds) or in carbon fiber-reinforced plastic for $37,825 (29,150 pounds). There’s also a package with the carbon fiber kit and a dry carbon rear wing for $42,283 (32,600 pounds), which isn’t too bad because the part is $11,843 (9,130 pounds) by itself. Liberty Walk also individually sells the rest of the components in either material.

650S owners still have a little time to decide whether to give their coupe such a swollen look because the kit is not available until mid-September. However, Liberty Walk is taking pre-orders now for those folks that really dig this intense design.

Source: Liberty Walk

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