Minimum price for both the brand and the plant has been established at € 9.41 million.

When Alejandro De Tomaso died, in 2003, his company, famous for cars like Pantera and Mangusta, seemed to die with him. Luckily, some masterpieces survive their creators and there is a big chance De Tomaso will find its way back to life with the auction of its last remains, or else, the brand and the plant, in Modena.

According to Argentina Auto Blog, in June 28 the rights for the use of the brand, what includes the famous logo, as well as the rights for Pantera and Guará will be auctioned starting from € 1.78 million. A little later, in July 3, the plant and everything included in the 5,000 square metres terrain will also be in an auction with an initial bid of € 7.63 million.

Let’s hope the future buyer intends to get the company back to business. If he/she accepts any suggestion, the German designer Stefan Schulze , from, has already recreated the iconic Pantera with the Panthera Concept, a car that can use Lamborghini Gallardo’s platform in order to have its development costs reduced. Argentineans hope Pagani decides to buy the brand. Whatever the future for De Tomaso may be, we only hope there is one and it does not leave the brand’s glory restricted to its past.

De Tomaso Name And Plant Will Be Sold In June And July