Lawyers representing Volkswagen owners suing the automaker in the wake of the dieselgate scandal are seeking $332.5 million in fees and costs.

Volkswagen had agreed to pay ‘reasonable’ legal fees connected to a $14.7 billion settlement reached in June. Reuters reports that papers filed in a federal court in California earlier this week said that Volkswagen and the lawyers have not yet agreed how much money will be paid for their work on the case.

Up to $324 million is being sought along with $8.5 million in other costs, a total of $332.5 million. That’s actually considerably less than the usual standard of 25 per cent of the settlement amount. In this case, that could have totalled several billion dollars.

The settlement includes a buy back program for the 475,000 VW Group cars in the United States with a 2.0-liter diesel engine with emissions cheating software. And additional $4.7 billion will be paid for environmental remediation and to promote zero-emissions vehicles.

The judge overseeing the litigation will rule on the lawyers’ compensation, which will not be paid out VW’s settlement fund, final approval for which is expected to be given in October.

A spokeswoman for Volkswagen said it is willing to pay fees that "reasonably reflect" the work that has been done on the case.

Source: Reuters

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