Say it's like living next to a dump truck.

A 30-foot trailer parked on a driveway is causing consternation in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

The village has no rules against trailers being parked on private property, but neighbors on Whitehall Court are petitioning to get that changed.

Anthony Tarasiuk, who lives next door, told CBS Chicago: “The visual of pulling into our formerly nice cul-de-sac with this big wall of white in the way is horrible.”

Danielle Wagner, who lives with Tarasiuk, added: "Imagine a dump truck parked ten feet from your home."

The trailer's owner, Mark Panther, uses it to haul his race car - Google Street View shows a drag-spec Fox body Mustang parked at the property. According to Tarasiuk, Panther previously had a much smaller black trailer and purchased the one at the center of the dispute about a month ago.

“Box trucks are prohibited in Schaumburg,” Tarasiuk said. “So it doesn’t make sense to any of us that something like that would be allowed outside our kitchen windows.”

The neighbors’ petition calls for campers, trailers and RVs to be concealed behind evergreen screening, and for a maximum size limit to be imposed.

Questions are also being asked about why Panther installed security cameras on the trailer.

A public meeting was held to discuss the petition, which garnered 65 signatures, last week. Panther did not take the opportunity to make his case. Schaumburg Trustee Jack Sullivan told the Daily Herald: "It's too early to say what's going to happen. If we can get everyone on the same page, maybe we can resolve this without having to legislate.

Some local RV owners raised concerns about the implications of any new ordinance, but Sullivan said: "I think they understood that they had been dragged into a neighbour dispute."

Source: CBS Chicago; Daily Herald