Do the same with nine cars from different eras, add in some cinematic aerial shots and an uplifting soundtrack, and you’ve got a short film that’ll get your blood pumping.

This collaboration between CURVES Magazine and Porsche is one of the more finely edited pieces of automotive media I’ve come across in recent memory. Filming nine enthusiasts pushing their Porsches through 20 different mountain passes in the Alps is a great place to start if you want to drop some jaws, but as we’ve seen before, it doesn’t guarantee a compelling final product. Only occasionally do we get something as good as this.

From high speed antics on beautiful valley floors, to precision maneuvers on stunning mountainsides, this video has a-lot to take in. Models featured include a few early “longhood” 911s, 3.2 Carreras, 964 911s, and even a Cayman GT4.

It’s hard to say what would be the most fun to drive, but having been at the wheel of a Cayman GT4, I have to think that’d be right up there at the top. Then again, it’s hard to argue with the purity of the classic 911s, especially on such awe inspiring routes. Time to start planning a trip I suppose, who’s coming with me?

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