The Devil's Run includes challenges to win a Ford GT and Jaguar F-Type for your in-game garage.

Owning a 1995 Lamborghini Diablo SV or 2006 Ford GT might not be financially possible in the real world, but a new update for the mobile game Need for Speed No Limits gives you the keys to these classic supercars on your smartphone. The Devil’s Run expansion puts players behind the wheel of high-performance cars in an underground road rally. In addition to being the first across the finish line, gamers have to keep an eye out for the police that are looking to shut down this illegal stunt.

The developers will roll out several challenges over the next six weeks to win exclusive cars for the game. The first event will run from August 12 through 16, and players will have to race their way from 100th to 1st place.  Successful gamers will win the 1995 Diablo and in-game cash. Special races from August 23 through 28 will offer a Jaguar F-Type to competitors. Finally, the Ford GT will be on the line from September 6 to 11.

The Devil’s Run update also adds a few new features to the mobile game. The police now have an Electro Static Field that can stop racers. The Missions feature rewards players for their in-game achievements, too. The expansion is available now, along with the rest of Need for Speed No Limits, as a download on the AppStore and from Google Play. The teaser trailer offers a glimpse of some of the new cars.

Source: Electronic Arts

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