Watch Hennessey's 1,000-HP Challenger Hellcat Roar on the Dyno

Hey look, another Dodge Challenger Hellcat video. But don’t worry, this isn’t some rubber-burning, smoke-inducing visual and aural adrenaline injection. This is Hennessey’s 1,060-horsepower Challenger Hellcat on the dyno. Visually, there isn't much to differentiate the standard Challenger from Hennessey’s go-fast version. Mechanically—it’s night and day. The standard 707-horsepower engine has been boosted to the aforementioned 1,060 horsepower (at the crank) thanks to a hefty new twin-turbo kit. RELATED: See More of the Hennessey Challenger Hellcat HPE1000
As good as 1,060 horsepower sounds on paper, realistically, at the wheels you’re seeing a 20 percent loss, equating to 848 horsepower. Still, that's not exactly what I would call ‘slow,’ a healthy 141-horsepower increase over the standard Hellcat. Of course, all this newfound performance comes at a price. On top of the cost of your stock Challenger (or Charger) Hellcat, Hennessey will suck another $55,000 out of your wallet for the HPE1000 upgrade. The question is: is it actually worth it? RELATED: See Photos of the Hennessey Charger Hellcat HPE1000